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Knife Emoji by kawrisu ♡ Welcome to my dA page ♡ Knife Emoji by kawrisu
Name: Brinjsana/andr0id_18/Sensei Andy, but you can just call me Andy
Birthday: August 15
Favorite Foods: Strawberry Pocky, sushi, anything sweet really
Favorite Colors: Aqua blue and mint green.
Favorite Music: Rock, metal and alternative!! (I've outgrown my J-Pop phase) I like Evanescence, Twenty One Pilots, Rise Against, Five Finger Death Punch and so many more bands!
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, No escape, and Atlantis
Dislikes: WHISTLING oh lordy lord
Relationship Status: happy

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Guys I almost miss animating. I was going through my old you tube channel and realized I started ITNSP like 3 times and never finished each one. And same with Gemini too. Guys these series are so old. Gemini used to be called The Hallow King and starred two twin brothers that were identical to the brothers from Two-Faced Lovers. Ah the parallels.

Anyways since I won't be animating again even though I kinda miss it, I figured I should finish up the series and wrap them up once and for all. I'm going to reveal the endings of all my series.
I Think NOT! SP
This series is my baby, my first animated series. Wow I love it. Originally the words "I think NOT!" were supposed to be mentioned at the end of each season, and there were originally 3 also. It was supposed to end at season 3 too with quite the ending you are all going to hate.
So, were I last left off on my channel everyone was in Elodias, which yes, I got the name from Fairy Tail, and they were battling it out. Anyways, what was supposed to happen is Dusk and her one brother, forgot his name Mr. Spiky hair reunite and escape back to earth with all their friends and that was the end of Season 1. Oh also the character Cragnarock dies. Suprise he was a bad guy.
Season 2 starts off with everyone going back to their normal lives. But, if ya'll remember Misa has a twin named Skye in Elodias, and she goes back to help her and learn more about her past. So everyone goes back one more time to save Misa. At the end of season 2 Dusk and her brother meet her OTHER brother, who announces he's still alive and that both Earth and Elodias are going to collapse because of the surge of Demon Power through the lands. Seaosn 3 is all about trying to save both worlds.
Now the ending of the whole series is everyone battling the evil queen who keeps Dusk's mom captive. Dusk and her mom meet for like 5 minutes before she dies, and Dusk unlocks her full power. But, alas, although Dusk and company defeat the evil queen, they ran out of time to save both worlds. In order to save them, however, they all sacrifice their lives and save the day. All but Gary, who was back on earth trying to find a way to save it on his own. In the end Gary grows old and is telling the story of Dusk, Falcon, Crawford, Misa, Skye, Natsuki, Crystal and others to his grandchildren. The last frame is of a picture of all of them together in Elodias. What a show.
The Hallow King, or as most of you know, Gemini
My SECOND animated series, my second love. A lot of the show was actually based off of Soul Eater.
The ending of this I didn't think out well. Essentially Rei and Sakura defeat the other evil school. But, the tree of time and immortality, Yggdrasil, was destroyed and time everywhere goes out of whack. In order to save the world, Stubaki, as we find out in the series was a descendant of an ancient race of humans bonded with the tree, sacrifices herself and becomes the tree. The end
Two-Faced Lovers
If you remember I based this off of a story in World of Warcraft. This was one of my favorite series I have to say. 
The brothers were supposed to battle it out for Rei's love. In the end, the one with the silver hair won. I forgot all their names this was so long ago. But the long silver hair boy won and they lived happily ever after. The other one dies. Or becomes evil or something. 
The twins in this story were the OG twins in the Hallow King too. Funny how things work out.
Millennium Star
This one was partially based off of Pokemon: Explorers of sky. What a great series which Fario-P is actually continuing, so stay tuned.
In MY original series, Millennium and Keith were supposed to fall in love and everyone was supposed to discover their true powers. But, remember all those colorful millennium stones? Well the final and most important one was on Star's headband. And so many of the stones were stolen time stopped almost everywhere, BUT around Star herself. So all of her friends were frozen in time, everyone BUT her. In order to unfreeze the whole world, she had to sacrifice herself and become the ultimate Millennium Stone.
Oh and their school burned down in an attack and a new school was built in her honor, Millennium Star Academy. What a sad tale, everyone but her survived. 
Now Fario's version is going to be very different and wont end the same way, so this contained no spoilers remember that.
Crystallized Time/Saving Time
This one was REALLY based off of Explorers of Sky.
This was supposed to end the same way as Explorers of Sky actually. I was going to end it at chapter 20-ish. I may have wanted to skip a few because they were irrelevant and wouldn't be exciting enough. 
Empire in the Sky 
This was supposed to be a big 3 part movie, around 10 minutes each but I quit real soon.
The main characters, Akira and Andy don't actually save the world. Akira meets his good and bad sides but ends up falling into the bad side, and becomes really evil. The story is about him literally fighting his demons, and Andy trying to help him. Akira survives his fight and becomes balanced once again. He was never good or bad to begin with, just balanced.
Some fun facts
-Only the characters in ITNSP stayed the same in all remakes. Same hair color, same eye color, same names, same color uniforms and everything. Everyone in my other series all changed A LOT in the end.
-I started making series and videos because I loved PreetyPinkFantage's series. They inspired me to start animating.
-I had a good friend of mine decide who would win Rei's heart in Two-Faced Lovers in the end.
-Literally all my series had a new student in it. I'm so sorry. What a cheesy trope. Empire in the sky had no new students actually, but everyone else did. Even Saving Time, Rowan was still kinda like a new student in a way.
-I had another channel with another series. I forgot what it was called but it was about a genius girl solving murders.
-I was just about the only you tuber who used Keynote, which wasn't even an animating program, to animate. Somehow I made it work.
-I never ment to create Two-Faced Lovers. I just loved Rei when I first made her and HAD to make a series with her in it.
-Millennium Star's name and came from D. Gray-Man. I changed it a bit, but Millennium came from the Millennium Earl actually.
I remember having another series too, but I can't remember anymore tbh. I started and gave up on so many series you have no idea. 
Anyways that's how it was all supposed to end. Finally finished and wrapped up. I like to sacrifice a lot of people I have to say, but that's what makes it interesting!!
Thanks to everyone sticking with me through my series, and helping them become some of the most popular series in the Fantage community as well. It really means a lot. I had fun while it lasted.
Oh and if any of ya'll play wow add me my gamer tag is Octavia love ya


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